IMPORTANT - New domain for YIFY Movies Torrent Download

- seraph - March 21, 2015 at 12:57 am

So its been a little over a full year since YIFY-Torrents became YIFY Movies Torrent and changed its domain to YIFY Movies Torrent, iots now time for another change.


We are discontinuing the YIFY Movies Torrent domain and intrducing to you, our new domain YIFY Movies Torrent, So please update your bookmarks or your shortcuts to our new domain.

Other the domain URL nothing else significant should be changing in the near future.

For our registered users: Due to the change to the new domain its normal that you have been automatically logged out, you will need to simply re-login and all will be back to normal.


Again, the old YIFY Movies Torrent domain will no longer function at the end of march. So make sure you are using YIFY Movies Torrent


Happy days :)

EDIT: A small note for all our API users, please remeber to update your applications to our new domain also.